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An oral biography by the longtime editor of British GQ tracing the life of superstar David Bowie through the words of those who knew him, loved him, worked alongside him, and made unforgettable music with him.

The nonstop outpouring of tributes after David Bowie’s death in January 2016 revealed a powerful connection to an artist and art that few realized was so engaging and widespread. Most of all, his death brought an outpouring of stories of the man himself, and yet even these were just the tip of the iceberg, a brief private glimpse at a star who seemed to take pride in casting off identities as soon as they’d served their purpose.

Now, finally, in Dylan Jones’s magisterial, engrossing oral biography, the door has been fully opened. Drawn from nearly 200 new interviews with Bowie’s producers, bandmates, managers, lovers, and more, this book will mix private and public to tell Bowie’s story as it’s never been told before, offering something new for die-hard and casual fans alike.

Stretching from Bowie’s English childhood to the first blush of stardom, to early ’70s New York and London through the wild hedonism of mid-decade Los Angeles, to Berlin and beyond, Jones’s biography creates an intimate cocktail-party tour of an incredible life and mind, using deep narration of key moments in Bowie’s career to explore his unique ability to make millions feel as if he were speaking to them individually. In the unprecedented accumulation of voices here is perhaps the best and most intimate look we’ll have at one our most gnomic, if groundbreaking, artists.

About the Author

DYLAN JONES is the multi-award-winning editor of British GQ magazine. He has been an editor at i-D, the Face, Arena, the Observer, and the Sunday Times. He writes for the Mail on Sunday and is a vice president of the Hay Festival and a board member of the Norman Mailer Center.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 544 pages
  • Publisher: Crown Archetype
  • Biography & Autobiography / Composers & Musicians

David Bowie: A Life (Hardcover)

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