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Track B5 has no music and is comprised exclusively of sounds of the band farting into a microphone and laughing. Sleeve notes read: 'All farts on this record are real. Special Thanks to Roger (1420) and to Bill's Dad. All Farts Copywrite 1986 Descendents).' Tracklisting: A1 Enjoy! (2:10) A2 Wendy (2:22) A3 Kids (0:44) A4 Hurtin' Crue (2:34) A5 Sour Grapes (3:47) A6 Get The Time (3:12) B1 Cheer (3:01) B2 80's Girl (2:15) B3 Green (3:34) B4 Days Are Blood (7:51) B5 Untitled

Descendents - Enjoy (Vinyl) [Importado]

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