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  • Vinil (16 de agosto de 2019)
  • Número de discos: 2
  • Sello: Xl Recordings

edition deluxe edition on 180g heavyweight orange double LP with sewn orange cloth spine, also includes a 40-page book of artwork from Stanley Donwood and Tarik Barri. A ‘one-reeler’ film, also entitled ANIMA, is available to watch exclusively via Netflix worldwide. Made by Paul Thomas Anderson to music from Thom’s album, the one-reeler has a run time of approximately 14 minutes. There were multiple sneak previews of the one-reeler at IMAX Theaters globally on the eve of 26th June. ANIMA was written by Thom Yorke and produced by Nigel Godrich. The album features 9 tracks, with the bonus track ‘(Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank You for Coming)’ is available exclusively on the vinyl release of the album. Thom Yorke will be performing live across Europe, Japan, Korea and the US this year. September and October US tour dates.

Thom Yorke / ANIMA

SKU: 191404098714
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